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“Partners for our Environment – Together Living Green”

AirTLG LLC, is a California based company (established in 2017) with strong track records in providing odor remedial and other green solutions.  We believe in sustainable products that meet the needs of our present generation without compromising the ability of the future generations to thrive.

Representing EcoAppls International Pte Ltd (, a Singapore based company, in the US, our strengths lie in our innovative spirit, and our expertise in multi-disciplinary water-based technologies for odor remediation.  Our products are derived from fruits and plants hence are biodegradable (Singapore Green Label).  Our propriety solutions, tested by International Accredited Testing Labs (TUV, DHI, Marchwood and US EPA), break down the odor causing compounds/chemicals naturally instead of masking nuisance odors like other products in the market.  In addition, our products are antimicrobial, effective in killing germs (bactercidal, virucidal and fungicidal), in inhibiting mold growth and remediating volatile organic compound odor.

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